The history of Knee Deep in Theses is a long and storied one. The team is composed of many Cornell University Physics and Astronomy graduate students--both current and former-- as well as graduates of the Penn State meteorology graduate program. There is also a huge spattering of other members who have been exposed to trivia weekend one way or another.

Many of the current team members owe their introduction to trivia weekend too Carl Ferkinhoff, who him self was first exposed to trivia weekend back in the late 90's by helping out the fabled Rich Corinthan Leather. Over the next few years Carl and his high school friends had several teams including potIhbe' chugh yay qatIhpeeghlu'.---..-.-..-..---., and In 23rd Place With 9835 Points. One year the team name was written using symbols from Myst Exile (NERDS!!!). In the words of the KVSC website  "This team used a cryptic code for their name that don't translate to the web. Silly team."  

While in college, Carl brought the joy of trivia weekend to St. Peter, MN and formed Wee r ay grewp uv reelee smrt peepull. Finding himself in Baltimore, MD for two years Carl formed the teams "Crabs? We got'em!" and "Crabs? We got'em, again!"  Most recently Carl found himself in Ithaca, NY the birth place of Knee Deep in Theses.  Along the way they have been awarded at least once for Best Team Name, an horrible mention for worst team name, and an emphatic "Cut it out" for the year of the symbol team name. 

Team Legacy
Team Name 
Rich Corinthian Leather
Rich Corinthian Leather
potIhbe' chugh yay qatIhpeeghlu'A 
.---..-.-..-..---. B
aka. the symbol team C 
In 23rd Place With 9835 Points 
85 No Talent Ass Clowns
Wee r ay grewp uv reelee smrt peepull 
Crabs? We Got'em
Crabs? We Got'em…Again!
Carl Sagan Could Kick Chuck Norris' Butt
Knee Deep in Theses
Knee Deep in Theses
Knee Deep in Theses
Knee Deep in Theses
Knee Deep In Theses
Knee Deep in Theses
Knee Deep In Theses
Knee Deep In Theses
51 out of 58
44 out of 69  
23 out of 69 
30 out of 75 
37 out of 71
64 out of 72
66 out of 72
78 out of 80
66 out of 78
29 out of 76
26 out of 67
43 out of 71
21 out of 67
11 out of 62
15 out of 56
14 out of 64
18 out of 54