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Trivia Weekend 2010 Information

posted Jan 18, 2010, 12:27 PM by Carl Ferkinhoff
In a little over 3 weeks the coolest thing of the entire year will take place.  Trivia Weekend! Some of you have heard me talk about this before, but for those that haven't,  it is a 50-hour Trivia Contest run by KVSC, the college radio station for St. Cloud State University. Yes, that is correct! 50 hours straight of not stop trivia action.

How does it work? Every hour 9 questions are read over the air (or in our case streamed over the web). Once a question has been read(this is called "opened" in trivia weekend lingo), you and your team can use any means necessary to find the answer. Once you think you have found the answer, you call the answer line. If your answer was wrong you go back to search for the correct answer and keep geussing until the questions is "closed.". Depending on the difficultly of a question, the question may be open for 3 minutes all way up to a whole hour. There are even speed rounds in which two questions are opened and closed every 5 minutes. And while the competition is over the air waves, there is a packet "Visual Trivia" for your viewing pleasure and "Audio Trivia" to sooth your ears.

This year we are bringing back our team from last year, "Knee Deep in Theses!" The team will have two bases of operation, one here in Ithaca, and a 2nd at State College where a friend of mine from undergraduate is rallying the troops. In addition to all the trivia, there is also a band titled "Shake a Hamster Band." This group of local musicians spend the entire 50 hours parodying songs.

Have I convinced you about how awesome trivia is? Well if you are still skeptical read up on it at and check-out our teams website at I will be posting info there over the next couple of weeks including links to our score keeper, visual trivia, team schedule, food sign-up, and trivia tips document. Worried about getting real work done on the weekend?You don't need to participate for the entire 50 hours, so there is plenty of time for working on those problem sets, reading a journal article, or rocking out with some Rock Band.

If you are ready to commit a portion of your weekend to the Trivia cause, please access the schedule here:
where you can record the times that you are willing to help.  Trying to guess when you might be willing to participate is really important so that we can ensure that we have enough folks for the entire weekend. Also, I will only send future e-mails to those that sign up! Please feel free to invite others that you think will be interested. The more the better! If you think you want to participate, but are not sure you will enjoy it, please come earlier in the weekend, because you will probably discover that you do like it. I know you will enjoy yourself if you come! Below is a summary of all of the important information.

What: Trivia Weekend
When: Friday, February 12th at 6 pm EST until Sunday, February 14th at 8 pm EST.
Where: Carl and Dan's Apartment in Ithaca and Jared or Walter's place in State College.
What to bring: YOUR LAPTOP, a cell phone and charger for calling in our answers, food to share(snacks or if you are interested, a potluck item that can be reheated for a meal over the weekend), your favorite form of caffeine, cash for ordering pizza, any and all reference books, change of cloths and toiletries if you're in it for the long haul.
What to do to prepare: Visit the trivia weekend schedule and signup for some time. Visit "Visual Trivia" link on the right and begin to research the visual trivia clues.
What will Carl provide: Some soda, some beer, some snacks, carrots for eating at 4 am, projector for displaying open questions, bed, air mattress, sleeping bag, etc for sleeping if you choose not to go home when you absolutely need sleep. Tables and internet for setting up your laptop to search for answers. 1 phone for calling answers (we can use 2 at a time).

Not in Ithaca or State College? Not a problem, you can be a satellite player. You just connect to the KVSC webcast and log into our score keeper to share the answers that you find. The schedule even has a column where you can let us know what times you are able to help out.

Important websites: