Knee Deep
In Theses

Online home of the KVSC Trivia Weekend Team: Knee Deep In Theses

We are a team made up for from Cornell & Pennstate Grad students, their friends, and friends of friends as we have moved all over the country and world. The team traces its heritage to the late '90s when the team found was trivia it up with their high school friends with team "Rich Corinthian Leather".  Eventually they struck out on their own with teams like "potIhbe’ chugh yay qatIhpeeghlu’", ".—..-.-..-..—.", and "In 23rd Place With 9835 Points" before moving around life & graduate school.

In 2023 we were inducted into the trivia hall of fame!

From KVSC. "Trivia on Trial represented Knee Deep in Theses 23rd year of competing with Trivia Weekend. This team started at Cornell University and was compromised of a cohort of PhD students in the world of astrophysics. The phone bank has always enjoyed the fun and feisty interactions with Knee Deep in Theses and the band of collegiate friends have continued to compete from many parts of the United States years later. Also, we continue to giggle about the creative, but accurate, team name! Welcome to the Hall"

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